Origin (Lux #4) Jennifer L. Armentrout (Review)


ASDFGHJKLEGJNADFVSNEDVNHEIZKMVLKSMVOSIHGKHGJKH!!!! I have no words to describe this book! NO WORDS! Because this is the fourth book in this series I will not give a detailed synopsis, but basically it’s about Daemon and Katy trying to find each other, and then escape the Daedalus, and OMIGOD, its like riding a really really REALLY fast roller-coaster. This book is not only told from Katy’s point of view, but from Daemons as well which was a FABULOUS surprise. So let’s get started!

So the book starts out with Katy in the Daedalus compound. And we meet Sergeant Dasher, and Archer. Let me just get one thing straight: ARCHER IS MY LIFE!!!!!! I knew from the first moment he would be important! I just knew it! But when it turned out that he was an origin I was peeing my pants. That was unexpected. Also I was almost entirely certain that Archer, Daemon, and Katy, were gonna be a love triangle. Is it possible to be two teams at once? I was. Until Dee came into the picture and I thought: “Why not let Archer be happy? Because the other two are MARRIED NOW!!!!!’ But more on that later. Anyway we have a traumatized Katy in the Daedalus. And Sergeant Dasher is telling her about all the safety precautions they have taken to ensure that she wont get out. And then we switch to Daemons POV. We’ll he’s freaking. That’s an understatement. Daemon is on the verge of insanity. He ran away from Dawson and Beth and Dee and is now turning himself in. But first he goes to Luc and asks him for a favor, and Luc tells him he wants LH-11, which at this point we only know that it’s used to treat cancer patients. And when we get back to Katy, Daedalus is trying to convince her that Luxen are evil. She’s not buying it. And then they try to do some tests on her and she refuses. Until they bring Blake in (yeah Blake! i know!) and then she kills him because he calls her Kitten! I KNOW! I wanted to kill him right then and there. Kitten is DAEMONS nick name for her! HOW DARE HE? i was so enraged if anyone had approached me then I probably would have punched them. But then Daemon shows up and ALL IS WELL! YAY! And they have a happy reunion and everything. Until Nancy and Dasher show them the origins! Okay let’s get one thing straight origins are awesome. Especially Micah. He’s the best. Well, so are Luc, Archer, and Paris. Okay youknow what? I love all origins. And then Nancy was all “You guys need to hook up and reproduce to make origins!” and as much as I hate Nancy and Daedalus, I love the idea of little baby Daemons running around in diapers. And when Archer tells Katy that LH-11 is actually the same thing as the other Prometheus thing and she asked him why he would tell her this and he said “We have a mutual friend” I knew in that second it was Luc. I just knew it!

Then they escaped and I was freaking out about what was going to happen. I mean… where would they go. Archer, and Daemon, and Katy, and Luc, and Paris. That’s 5 wanted aliens! And when they split up and Daemon and Katy go to the motel, I was really exited and freaking out at the same time. Cocky Daemon just HAD to buy the box of condoms, and then Archer just had to see them and that kind of ruined my whole Archer-Daemon-Katy theory. Well it didn’t ruin it, but it made it harder to become reality. And I was really bummed about that until Archer and Dee met. And then a new fantasy sparked inside of me! And then we saw Ash and Andrew, and Matthew, and Dee, and Dawson and Beth again. And then… you know what happens then? Daemon decides, he wants to MARRY Katy. So they go and they get married in Vegas, but the best part is that they don’t tell anybody. And everything is sunshine and rainbows until Luc suddenly throws a hissy fit on the owner of the house they were staying in. I knew right away what was going on. The only thing I didn’t know was that Matthew had gave up their location and betrayed them. I thought it was just the house owner who turned them in. Then everyone is running away and driving away until they get stuck in a traffic jam, which is the most normal thing that has happened in this entire book. And then Daedalus comes in and starts shooting people, and everyone is freaking out, even the humans, and then Paris dies! I didn’t even know him that well, but he was funny and sarcastic, and most of all he was Luc’s friend, and I like Luc. Then Andrew dies, and two of the Thompson’s are dead, and then after a while Ash dies as well and now they’re all gone. I didn’t like them that much anyway, but I was still sad when they died. But the last thing that happened in the book absolutely shook me. The other Luxen showed up and surrounded them. And it wasn’t just a dozen other Luxen. It was a whole army. Hundreds of thousands. And Daemon and Dee went out and just disappeared in their light and then…. THE END! You can’t end the book like that!! What happened with Archer and Dee? and what about Luc? and Micah? and the other origins? and Daemon? and their marriage? UGH SO MANY QUESTIONS?? And now i have to wait for such a long time until those questions are answered. I’m assuming it’s going to be released at the end of 2014…

I’m sorry I didn’t upload the first three book reviews first, but I most recently read this one, so I had to write a book review right away or I would forget everything. Just to say, this book most definitely has a spot on the ultimate bookshelf. In fact, it has at least 50 spots. But I hope you enjoyed my book review on Origin, by Jennifer L. Armentrout, ’till next time,

Karin 🙂


Reboot by Amy Tintera (Review)


So to all of you who have not read Reboot yet, it is a book about a ‘zombie’ appocolypse. The reason I put the word zombie into quotation marks is because they’re not really zombies. A person becomes a Reboot if they die and then later come back to life. Its not specified how you have to die to become a reboot, but there has to be some kind of virus inside of you… i dont even know. But reboots still age and they are still human…ish. Basically they just heal faster and are stronger and more physically capable that humans. But the main differece is their emotional state. The longer it takes you to come back, the less emotional you will be. If it takes you 30 minutes to come back then you are almost a human, but if it takes you 2 hours then you’re much stronger and much less emotional. All the reboots are held in this facility that is owned by this corporation called HARC, where they are kept as slave soldiers because it is not socially acceptable to be a reboot. Well not ALL. All of the reboots under 20. If you are over twenty there is something wrong with you and they just shoot you in the head, which is the only way to kill a reboot.

Our main character is called Wren. She is the oldest reboot in the HARC facility, at 178 minutes (that means it took her 178 minutes to wake up after she died). She believes that she has no emotions what-so-ever. BUT THEN… the newbies come, and the newbies are those reboots that they have to train. If you are a reboot over 120 minutes old you get to train the newbies when they come. Anyway, a newbie comes who is only 22 minutes old. And then Wren chooses him for reasons that are beyond me. But Callum (the newbie) doesn’t like taking orders and fighting and killing people (which is what reboots have to do) and when he doesn’t meet the standards of the HARC corporation… Wren needs to eliminate him. Anyway, this book is about her overcoming her reboot stereotype, and becoming more emotional…. YEAH! Anyway. if this book sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to go pick it up. I would rate it about 3.5 stars out of 5. It wouldn’t have a spot on the ultimate bookshelf but that doesn’t mean it was bad, it just wasn’t AMAZING. If you haven’t read the book you’re gonna want to stop reading NOW because here come the spoilers!


So lets talk about Reboot. The book starts out with Wren chasing people through the streets, telling us about how she hates it when people scream. Well, thats nice to know. Anyway, she has her assignment and she hunts the person down and throws them in the shuttle. And then we learn a little bit of her back story. Honestly up until this point I wasn’t liking Wren that much. She was really cold and rude. But she was the main character so i stuck with her. But we learn that HARC is actually evil. And they weren’t too subtle about it either “They told me that screaming meant death. Acting like I was still a human child meant death. Disobeying orders meant death.” Wow… what a nice bunch. But honestly I really like her roommate Ever. She was just the kind of person you would want as a best friend. She was kind and happy, and most of all, willing to talk about hot boys with you. But does Wren appreciate her? NO! Well… she does a little, but not that much. And it takes like two pages for the newbies to come into the picture. And I’m sitting there like: Woah… that was fast. And she meets Callum, whom she calls 22 for half the book. At the beginning she stays in character quite nicely. She keeps to her emotions on a minimum level. She’s all pissed with Callum and his smiling and his questions. And she’s taken on the challenge of seeing if she can train him as well as she trains her other newbies. And then one night something HORRIBLE happens to innocent Ever. And it made me really sad. When Wren woke up and just saw her growling on her bed. My first impression was that she was having a nightmare. Or maybe a supernatural vision of the future. That would have been interesting. But then Ever ATTACKS Wren, which I wasn’t expecting because I liked Ever. And when the guards come and sedate her, I was figuratively pointing my finger at then and growling “You!” in a very threatening voice. But then in the morning Ever didn’t remember anything. But I knew this wasn’t just a little thing that was going to disappear. I was just waiting quietly. And then Ever became really hungry all of a sudden. And then that little kid started EATING Callum and I was like: NO! Because I knew that Ever would follow down the same path. I mean, I was assuming Callum would too, which is why I wasn’t surprised when they found out he had been injected with the same stuff Ever had.

The first time Wren and Callum went on an assignment Callum was so nervous. For a lot of this book I was absolutely convinced that he would never toughen up and just be a wus for his entire life. The assignment was for this guy who was a child murderer and Wren and Callum were sent to catch him. And Callum was freaking out, and I just became so annoyed and honestly I just wanted Wren to leave him be. But then she started getting these “feelings”. I didn’t like it. Wren was supposed to be the awesome and tough. And then after the assignment Callum is depressed! And he called Wren a “monster who enjoys killing people”! WHAT? Excuse me Callum? If she enjoyed killing people she would have let Lissy be your trainer and left you for dead. But NO! She picked you! So stop sulking!

Then comes the interesting assignment with Wren and Leb. Oh… Leb… the caring father. I liked him. He was nice and kind. And then there’s Milo. Who tells Wren that there is escape for her. And what do you know it Wren goes “WE MUST SAVE CALLUM!” (Well that happens later but anyway…) But she starts questioning it. Thats a good thing. Because I like Wren. But Milo was pleading for his life and Leb stopped him. They brought him back to the shuttle and threw him in and thats the last thing we saw of him. Then Wren comes back and the officers start questioning her about the footage and mikes (Milo disconnected them). Wren tells the truth (sort of) except she says that she thought Milo was crazy. But then the officers also tell her that Callum needs to improve or they’re gonna kill him. And because Wren has turned into a softie, she goes to Callum and tells him she NEEDS him to be better. And the only really cute thing about their relationship that happened, happened next: they started dancing! And to me, dancing is really romantic. But then shortly after, I forgot all about that, and broke into tears, because Ever decided to get herself killed. YUP! she just went and ATE a guard. Smart Ever… Real smart. And then she got shot… in the head… and died. NOOOOOO!!!! And then There is another assignment. THERE ARE TOO MANY ASSIGNMENTS IN THIS BOOK! But Callum was given the order to kill the adult reboot and he refused. And now officer Mayer is yelling at Wren because Callum messed up. And now he’s telling her that Callum has to kill on his next assignment. And guess what HE DOESNT! But Leb comes to the rescue and lets them go and run away. They are running around in the slums and after they find Adina almost nothing else happens. I mean, they could have been caught in the abandoned house, but they didn’t. And when they went to find the antidote for Callum, she got trapped for a split second and then she breaks free. Also when they found the reboot camp-thingy. They didn’t have any troubles finding it or getting near it. Or anything. Then the book just ends with Callum cured, and Wren a softie, and Adina saved. It was all too happy for me, which is why I’m not planning on reading the next book. I might if it gets good reviews, but it leaves me satisfied with this one, so for me personally, it wasn’t a fantastic read so there was no need.

Thats my review for Reboot by Amy Tintera, I hope you enjoyed it and I will talk to you again in my next review!

’till then,

Karin 🙂


The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey (Review)


Wow…. Let me just start with that. This book was not at ALL what i was expecting. I pick up this book because of all the hype that has been surrounding it, and when i read the back of the book i thought “Hey, why not, seems interesting.” What i was expecting was a story from the point of view of Cassie about how she is journeying and surviving this alien apocalypse. But i got something completely different, and better. Now lets see… Where should i start. Oh yeah, probably from the beginning!

This book starts off with Cassie talking to us about her survival and when she met the Crucifix Soldier i was almost entirely convinced that it was Evan, because at the back of the book it said that she would meed this boy called Evan, so when she meets a boy about her age… Hey! Evan! But no. What we get is a small character that you think will have no meaning. Little did I know, he would be that important with Cassie’s (not to sound too dramatic here) internal struggle. When she shot the Crucifix Soldier, I was bummed because, then of course, he couldn’t be Evan. And when Cassie was explaining her life before the Arrival, and during the first four waves, i was really interested. When Cassie first mentioned Ben Parish i thought he would be this tiny character that was just there to make the background story more complete. Boy was i wrong! But more on that later. I didn’t care much for that Mitchell guy Cassie went on a date with so i was glad he was out of the story soon, and Lizbeth was also kind of a background character but I’m wondering if maybe we’re gonna see her in the next books. *fingers crossed*. I was soooooooo sad when her mom died. Not because her mom was dead, but because i had really taken a liking to Cassie’s dad, and when she said he never cried and that he always kept it together, but that he cried then, i was pretty sad. Which you can imagine made me depressed when her dad died. It did. I was devastated. I was not however, devastated that Crisco died. Him i did not like one bit. When i first read the description of him i miss-read “greased” and instead somehow my brain read “greasy”. So from then on i imagined Crisco as a really dirty annoying guy.

I was really exited to find out what happened with all of the waves. I think that Rick Yancey chose perfect scenarios for the Waves. They seemed like things that you would really do if you had the power and wanted to make an entire, enormous, overpopulated, species go extinct. I liked the idea of the “lights out” and the enormous flood as the first two waves, and though even though I’m pretty sure they explained it with something about an enormous metal rod, (it could have been some weird misunderstanding for me) i wasn’t entirely sure how the aliens made the floods happen. My favorite wave was the third wave… That must sound gruesome considering the third wave was a horrible disease that made you bleed to death in awful, horrible ways, but i felt it had the biggest impact and effect on the story. The names for it were so creative and it was very well thought out. I understand that the fourth wave was the aliens occupying human bodies and killing off the rest of the people, but i wasn’t bothered too much about that. What really bugged me and kept my suspense on dangerously high levels was the need to know what the fifth wave was going to be. And when i found out…. MIND BLOWN!! Fascinating! Absolute, pure genius! I mean the aliens are training the kids, and other people to kill the people for them! When I read the line: “We are the fifth wave.” I was almost dying.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the change in the point of view. It became pleasant after i realized that the Zombie guy from the first change in POV was actually Ben Parish. When i read the first POV change i was really confused. It kind of threw me off. I wasn’t sure what was happening, what that Evan talking, of was it some random character we would meet later on in the story. When the first line of the chapter was “Call me Zombie” i wasn’t sure what that meant. I thought maybe if was just another version of the saying “Call me crazy” i didn’t realize that he meant that his name was Zombie. And after when we found out Zombie was Ben. I was absolutely thrilled because… LOVE TRIANGLE!! I mean who doesn’t love a good love triangle. I loved reading about the training that the kids were receiving, and Reznik that horrible piece of sh*t that deserved to die, even though i liked reading about him. Then there was the brief section from Sammy’s POV. i was really happy when that happened because there aren’t many YA books that have the POV of a five year old. It was to see that. I. Saw a connection between the first section with Ben and this section with Sammy, when Sam was in the “examination” area. When he said the doctors name was Dr. Pam, but i didn’t make the connection right away. And when Zombie got a new member in his squad who was really young… I guess i really must have be blind because up until the point where Nugget said that Ringer was his sister Cassie. I thought Nugget was just another person who was gonna be in his Squad. I think that the personal relationship that Sammy and Ben, or Nugget and Zombie built, will either really help Ben and Cassie’s relationship in the next books or hurt it. It could go both ways, i mean on one hand they could bond over their love of Sammy, but they could also fight about who will take care of him and who will hold him and who he loves more and things like that. I was a little sad when we didn’t get to see anything from m Evans point of view but I’m suspecting it will become a short novella as most things like this do these days. But i lost my liking-ness of Evan after i found out he was an alien. And just. Like that… WOOSH!! All the feelings i ever had for Evan, GONE. Even though, as Cassie said, he had chocolatey breath and chocolatey eyes, and i do like chocolate. But i do not like aliens and so those both king of cancel each other out. And now… TEAM BEN ALL THE WAY!! If only that Ringer would disappear. Don’t get me wrong i love girls who are better that guys at shooting guns and being all athletic, but i like Ben and Cassie more. So Ringer, you can date Evan and Ben will date Cassie and all will be right in the world… Except for the alien invasion. When Cassie saw Ben alive i was expecting something more dramatic. Like she would run into his arms and he would see her and think she was the most beautiful thing he ever saw. But no. He couldn’t even remember her.

At the end, when they all met up again and ran from the aliens, might i say, WITH an alien. I was both glad and kind of angry that they met up again. I didn’t mind Ringer being there, but all the other guys just seemed meaningless to me. I was absolutely thrilled at the end when Ben half kissed Cassie. It was really nice and sweet and the perfect way to end the book if you are Team Ben. If not… Well the i guess it wasn’t the perfect way to end the book. But it is the way that my review will end so deal with it.

And now to finish my review, I will say that you need to go read this book. It might be a little slow and grueling at the beginning but once you get past that…. KAPOW!!! You get hit with a wave of awesomeness! So go read it! And if you have already, leave a comment on what you thought about it.

’till next time!

Karin 🙂


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