Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier (Review)


So For those of you who don’t know, Ruby Red is about time travel. Yup! You read right! Time travel, which I like because it is completely different from other vampire, and werewolf stories. So This book is about a girl called Gwen. She comes from a family that carries a time traveling gene. And somehow this gene is passed on through the female line, and the next time traveler can be predicted based on their date of birth. Basically, if you have the gene, between your 16th and 17th birthday you will spontaneously start to travel back in time. Now Gwen’s cousin Charlotte is supposed to have the gene, but one day Gwen just randomly goes back in time and she is freaking out. And now there is some secret society involved and some dark power and some evil people, and all those things that make great books great. And now, in case you have not read the book, i suggest you leave, and read it. Because it is worth the read. It is also the first book in a trilogy.


I was very confused by the prologue. I really was, and when at the end of the book, there was still no scene between Gwen and Gideon that resembled that scene I was so confused. Until… I REALIZED THEY WERE PAUL AND LUCY!!! Then it all made sense. But we’ll get to that. The book starts out and we’re introduced to Gwen and her life. She is a really likable character. She has a best friend who is AWESOME! She has a mortal enemy who we all hate. She has weird relatives, and adorable siblings. And she can see ghosts. When we were first introduced to James i was confused for a moment there. I just don’t understand how ghosts fit into the time travel plot. I hope it is explained is WHY she can see ghosts in the next book. Then in history class Charlotte starts having headaches and starts feeling dizzy. OH! And that Mr. Whitman! And his ring! and how he knew about almost everything! I think he’s evil, or maybe he works for the Count! Yeah! But anyway. I was really getting angry with Gwen when she was putting off telling her mom about the time traveling thing. And when her Aunt Glenda was getting really jealous I was just about to punch the book because… Who makes those kind of excuses. Plus, if Charlotte is the time traveller, then there should be no problem. Right? I really like the mini plot between Dr. White and his son Robert. I think that that should be explored and resolved more because its really sweet and i just feel bad for the guy. And is it just me? or does it bother anyone else when boys have long hair. EVEN shoulder length hair! I just don’t like it! I can’t explain why. But Gideon was being a total arse to Gwen at the beginning. And i was thinking that this would be the ONE book where the two main characters don’t get together in the FIRST book. And I was half right because there was only one kiss involved and it was at the way end AFTER everything else had happened. The funny thing about this book is that more than half of it is just exposition. And don’t get me wrong! Thats cool but I was flying through and when i realized how far I’d gotten my first thought was: “Wow! What has actually happened so far though?”. And then the real plot twists started coming. The most exiting was with Paul and Lucy obviously, but the visit to the Counts time was also odd. I mean, he is obviously evil. ย And afterwards when Gideon and Gwen were going back to the temple and the driver had orders to take them somewhere else? What would have happened if Gideon hadn’t noticed? Just think! And then Gwen took control and sliced that guard in half. I gotta admit… I want to be able to handle a sword like that. Actually, I want to be able to handle a sword in general. It seems really cool. And Paul and Lucy, unlike the Count are not evil. They are awesome and in love and just care about the protection of others, which is cool. It bothers me to no extent that Gideon still wholeheartedly believes that the Count is some miracle worker. Seriously dude! How much convincing do you need? But! How mad did you all get when he arrived to school in the limo and got all “friendly” with Charlotte. I mean THAT would have been a good plot twist! And her great great grandmother! And the chronograph! I need to know what it does!!! TELL ME NOW! Gwen needs to go back in time on her own WITHOUT Gideon and go question Paul and Lucy. YES! That needs to happen. But if you’ve read the other two books don’t tell me! I need to find out for myself! This was a rather short, quick paced, book. So there isn’t that much to say about it.

Unfortunately thats all I have to say about this book. If you have any questions about my opinions then PLEASE ask me in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them!

’till next time,

Karin ๐Ÿ™‚


The Maze Runner by James Dashner (Review)


So… The Maze Runner. To be honest the whole process of buying and reading this book took a long time. I bought this it because i kept hearing that it was good and I also like the plot. But then I read one negative review, and that kind of just made me really skeptical. So I waited until i had NO more books to read and then I started. Since I was already skeptical the beginning of the book was killing me from the inside out. I really didn’t want to keep reading. The language was strange and foreign, and I just didn’t understand a lot of it. But I just didn’t want to waste my money, so I kept reading. And actually, it got better. Like WAY better. Like I wanted to stay awake reading JUST because I needed to know what would happen. To all of you who dont know what the Maze Runner is about, its about a boy called Thomas. And at the beginning of the book, thats all we know about him, because his memory has been taken away. He wakes up in this dark metal box and when it opens he sees a bunch of boys who are expecting him. Thomas soon learns that he is in a place the boys call the Glade. Around them are stone walls that “open” and “close” every day at sunrise and sunset. And that outside of the walls, there is a maze. Now the Gladers (the boys in the Glade) have been trying to find a way out of this maze forever, but they just cant solve it. And just to twist it up a little, inside the Maze there are little creatures called Grievers. THey are half mechanical machines that sting you and if they do, you could die. So only a chosen few are picked to be the Runners. The day after Thomas arrives in the Glade the box (the box he came in) brings another person. But this time, its a girl. And thats never happened before. She also brings a message. And that sparks something in the Gladers. Now, they want to get out of the Glade even more than before.


SO! Thomas starts out in a box and hes FREAKING OUT! And that is why I didn’t like it so much. Everything was really shady and I didn’t know what was going on just as much as Thomas so that really annoyed me. I like knowing whats going on. I enjoy at least having a small insight. But this book didn’t give it to me. That is why I only started liking it after I got the hang of all the language and the plot. After that though! And was it just me, or did anybody else think that Teresa was going to have a bigger role in this book and not just be in a coma until the very end? There is really not much to say about the rest of the book until things start getting exiting. And that just about when he starts going in the maze. At about page 100. When Alby and Minho are trapped in the maze and Thomas runs after them, i NEEDED to keep on reading. It was just too much for me. When Thomas starts climbing the wall, I was thinking, “Great idea” and then it turned out that the Grievers can climb and I got really scared, even though I knew that it wasn’t possible that the main characters would die. That would totally suck. And then when Alby gets stung and goes through the changing. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. I thought it was just something to spice up the book. And then he said protect the maps. Which reminds me! When they said that the maps burned! Right after Thomas figured out that they were a code and right after they were one step closer to finishing this! But then NO! They saved the maps and then they started decoding them! I was a nervous wreck during that part. And when they finally got the code and it was a bunch of nonsense “FLOAT, CATCH, BLEED, DEATH, STIFF, PUSH” I couldn’t think of anything that would make sense. Though i noticed that PUSH was different from the others because it only had four letters, while the others had five. And when they couldn’t enter PUSH into the code thingy I knew that they had to just PUSH. But only after they said that. :(. Minho was probably my favorite character because he’s in control and fast and brave and for some reason I see him as an asian guy… But never mind that! I’ve heard that the second book was much better than the first, but my dilema is that I didnt like the ending to the first book that much? So if you would care to comment if i should read it or not? that would be great! It was a good book though. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Till Next Time,

Karin ๐Ÿ™‚