Worst Book to Movie Adaptations! >:C

There have been good movies… and there have been HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE!!! should-be-shot-in-the-head movies! Well at least book to movie adaptations! And I am here to name the worst 3. Now, there is no order because they are all equally horrible! They either ruined the plot, or didn’t follow the plot, or just ruined everything. So ladies and gentlemen, in no particular order, the worst (in my opinion, feel free to correct me) book to movie adaptations in YA!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones



This movie BUTCHERED the book! And believe me, there was NOONE on this earth that was more exited for this movie than me! But from the second the trailer was released, i knew it wasn’t going to be very good. But I didn’t know it was going to be THAT bad! If there was a diagram of how the book plot was compared to the movie plot, it would look a little something like this:



At first, it was okay, it kind of followed the plot, but then it made a slight mistake, and then another, and after a while, it was heading in the whole wrong direction! And I was just staring at the cinema screen with my mouth open like “What the….” Lets just start with the club scene, first of all, they were supposed to go into a room where she was all like “Woah! Guys don’t murder this guy” and they were supposed to react to her. But NOOOOO! they just murder the demon in plain sight! Then when Clary comes home, and sees that her mom is missing, shes a) supposed to be stung and b) she was supposed to kill the demon. THEN! The party at Magnus’s, when Simon gets kidnapped, in the book, they accidentally take him as a rat, in the movie, they purposefully kidnap him, also, in the movie only Jace and Clary are there to save him, and not the whole group.  Also, Jace never introduces Clary and Valentine as his father! The worst part of the movie was probably when Hodge and Valentine SPOIL that they made up that Jace and Clary are not actually brother and sister!!! I wanted to stab the person sitting next to me. Just the whole movie was wrong! NO! I cant go on! It fills me with RAGE!!!!

The second movie, Well actually, the next two movies because it is BOTH the Percy Jackson movies! They are an insult to the books! Not the the mortal instruments weren’t, but… Percy Jackson made two really bad movies! The fact that they made another one was just… i thought they would stop after the first, and the second was WORSE than the first!

download Percy_Jackson_&_the_Olympians_The_Lightning_Thief_poster


The first movie was bad because they completely rearanged the way that the plot develops, there was a map that they had to follow to get some pearls, and not just an adventure they went on and encountered those places on the way. It was horrible because of the plot, and because the plot was wrong, the book to movie part was terrible too, so that makes it earn a spot on this list.

The second movie was just plain terrible because sometimes it followed the plot, and sometimes it veered into unknown territory, it also just skipped important parts, that just.. NO!

EVERYTHING WAS WRONG!! If i were to write everything that they did wrong, we’d be here until morning. There were almost nothing right. I MEAN TYSON DIDNT EVEN SAY SPARKLE PONIES!! The horror!!!!! I cant. But I can give you a chart of what the book plot to movie plot comparison looked like, and if you thought the City of Bones chart was bad, wait and see.



Note: blue is the movie plot, and the black line in the middle is the book plot.

So there you have it, the three worst book to movie adaptations (in my opinions). Do you know any other ones that are worse than these? if so, feel free to comment down below!



2 thoughts on “Worst Book to Movie Adaptations! >:C

  1. I literally lol’d while reading this! I like how you expressed your opinions in a humorous way, because this made me wanna read the rest of the review and check out your other ones. Good Job! 🙂

    PS: The illustrations of the plots are beautiful.

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